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You search, we find

Whether you are a student or recent graduate, an experienced professional, or a newcomer to the workforce, our talent management consultants are equipped to provide expert guidance and support, regardless of your level of experience or current career stage.

Make the right choice!

Whether you are seeking a permanent or temporary position, a full-time or part-time job, we are here to assist you in realizing your career aspirations, regardless of your employment preferences.

Students and Recent Graduates

In search of a reliable source of income, but feeling financially drained from your studies? Consider partnering with a Télé-Ressources consultant to increase your chances of success in finding the right job. Our experienced team will work with you to showcase your skills and potential to reputable companies, ensuring you are well-positioned to enter the workforce with confidence.

Experienced Workers

Our Rétro-Action 50+TM program is designed to support individuals seeking to re-enter the job market. Our team of qualified consultants will leverage their relationships with business owners and human resources directors to promote your work experience and help you secure an ideal position where you can utilize your skills and knowledge.


Are you a newcomer to Canada, and do not know where to start with the job search process? Our team of professionals are familiar with the challenges facing individuals in your situation. They will provide personalized guidance and valuable advice, and assist you in identifying job opportunities that align with your skills and careers aspirations. Trust us to help you navigate the job market and find a job that suits your needs.


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