+ Are there any registration fees?

No, registration and all services offered to candidates are absolutely free of charge.
+ Now that I have a Télé-Ressources file, how can I improve my chances of finding a job?

Keep in touch with your talent acquisition consultant, and keep them up to date on your recent work experiences or any changes to your contact information (address, phone number and email).

Take a look at our job postings, and contact your consultant when a position that matches your skills catches your eye.

By keeping up this constant team work, we will find you a job!

+ How much time will it take to find a job?

It is impossible to evaluate exactly how long this process could last. It all depends on numerous factors, one of which being the degree of correspondence between your profile and the job openings to be filled. However, if you maintain regular contact with your consultant, you have a better chance of them thinking of you when a new job matching your skills and work experience becomes available.
+ It has been a while since I have used Télé-Ressources services; is my file still valid?

Yes, you only need to update it. Contact one of our talent acquisition consultants, who will tell how to proceed.


+ When do I have to hand in my void cheque to get paid by direct deposit?

You have to send us your void cheque as soon you receive confirmation of your assignment, in order for your pay to be deposited into your bank account in a timely manner.
+ What are my responsibilities as an employee on assignment?

Of course, you have to remember that you are a Télé-Ressources ambassador, and that your actions do not only involve you, but also the agency and its team members.

As an employee on assignment, it is your responsibility to abide by the terms relating to time sheets. You have to get your time sheet signed by your supervisor at the end of each week, and send it in by Monday at 10 a.m.

Be sure to contact your consultant on a regular basis, to ensure adequate follow-up and to share any new developments concerning your assignment.

It is imperative that you notify Télé-Ressources of any serious problem or any abnormal situation that might arise. Although very rare, these circumstances should be dealt with right away.

+ If I agree to be placed on assignment, will that prevent me from finding a permanent job?

PAbsolutely not, Télé-Ressources consultants can always help you find the permanent position to suit your needs.
+ If Télé-Ressources puts me on assignment, will that reduce my chances of getting hired as a permanent employee by the company where I have been assigned?

No, since the experience you have acquired within the company will work in your favour when a permanent position becomes available. That is why it is important to always make a good impression upon your supervisor and colleagues, because they could recommend you in due time.
+ How can I refer a friend who is looking for a job?

Talk to your talent acquisition consultant about your friend; they will give you the name of a consultant who specializes in the type of employment sought. Your friend will then be able to contact the appropriate consultant to make an appointment.


+ I am not registered as a candidate at Tele-Ressources; can I still receive these alerts?

You don’t have to be a registered candidate to take advantage of our SMS alerts, however you must be registered as a candidate when you will apply for a job. Don’t forget you are in charge of your career, don’t miss out on opportunities. Register now, it only takes a minute!
+ How do I STOP receiving SMS alerts?

You may cancel this service at anytime; you just have to type in the word STOP and send this message to no. 25255. It will automatically remove your name from our list. However, you will be able to come back anytime you want and start receiving SMS alerts again.
+ Do I have to pay to receive SMS alerts?

Our alerts and messages are offered for free by Tele-Ressources, however standard text messaging charges from your service provider may apply, depending on your plan. Check your service agreement for details.
+ Why do I get a monthly reminder of my subscription?

A monthly reminder is mandatory and driven by all subscription services via SMS. Like all our other messages, it is delivered for free by Tele-Ressources, but may be subject to standard text messaging charges from your service provider. Check your service agreement for details.

Any other questions about sms ? Send us a mail at sms@teleressources.com

If you have any other question tell us at info@teleressources.com

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