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You seek, we find

Whether you are a student or recent graduate, an experienced worker or newly arrived, let yourself be guided by our talent management consultants.

Make the right choice!

Whether you are a candidate for a permanent job or a temporary mandate, full-time or part-time, whether you prefer a day, evening or night schedule, our talent consultants accompany you.

Students and Recent Graduates

You need a source of revenue right away, because studying has left your piggy bank empty? Visit a Télé-Ressources consultant, and put all the odds in your favour. Let us help you better promote your potential to reputable companies. The working world is waiting for you, let your talent emerge!

Experienced Workers

Thanks to our Rétro-Action 50+TM program, we can help you re-enter the job market, and speak to numerous business owners and Human Resources directors about your work experience. Trust our qualified team to find the ideal job that will give you a chance to transfer your knowledge.


You just arrived in this country, and do not know where to start to find work? Our professionals are familiar with the challenges facing newcomers. They will be able to give you valuable advice, highlight your competencies, and direct you towards a job that suits your needs.


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