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4 Important CV Tips for Job Seekers

December 23, 2021 | by Télé-Ressources

processus d'entrevueThe immediate goal of your CV is to get you an interview. However, it is a lot harder than it may seem, especially when the job pool is small and the candidate pool is large. When you apply to a job, you could be up against hundreds of other candidates. So, how do you stand out? These tips below will not only help you shine, but they will also ensure that your CV actually gets seen by a hiring manager.

Formatting for ATS Software

In many cases, your CV will first pass through Applicant Tracking Software (ATS). As a result, avoid using busy or decorative CV templates, as these features will not get picked up ATS systems. Keep the CV as clean and organized as possible, use a minimalist and generic template, and ensure that it is properly formatted.

Highlight Achievements

Your CV should not feel like a job description. Instead of listing all your duties and responsibilities, focus on your achievements. Include numbers and concrete facts to amplify the results of your hard work. Anyone can list their job requirements, but your achievements will help you stand out on paper.

Use Positive Language & Focus on Strengths

From a professional standpoint, one main goal of a CV is to make you look as good as possible on paper. Avoid negative language or your weaknesses. Use industry-specific terms and powerful words to describe your experiences and past jobs. Discuss how you adapted, innovated or achieved in your career.

Tailor your CV

Each time you apply for a new job, you should be tailoring your CV to align with that position. Remove any irrelevant positions and information. If this creates extra space on the page, spend a little more time on the experiences section to outline more achievements or include additional career highlights that will impress hiring managers. The extra time you take to adjust your CV to specific positions will always pay off in the long run.