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Choosing the Right Candidate

March 22, 2013 | by Guillaume Couture

When a new position is created or when an employee leaves the company, you have to begin searching for the best possible candidate. You want to hire someone who not only matches the job profile, but who will also fit in with the team and adjust to company culture. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right candidate.

First Step

In order to start the process, you must determine what type of profile would be best suited for the position to be filled. To do so, establish a list of all required competencies and qualities, and write a comprehensive job description.

Do not forget to identify what you have to offer as an employer. Be it your company values or reputation, a bonus program, fringe benefits, or offering the possibility of teleworking, talented candidates will be attracted by that little something which makes you stand out from other businesses.

Four Tips to Make the Selection Interview More Effective

Ask open-ended questions that will allow the interviewee to explain their professional experience and competencies in their own words. This will allow you to evaluate the personality type and working style of the candidate.

During the job interview, use different case scenarios to determine if the applicant has the required interpersonal skills and shows some team spirit. If two candidates have similar education, as well as equivalent experience and skills, the one who shows better social abilities usually comes out a winner.

Try to evaluate each person’s level of enthusiasm towards the position and the company. Did they do some research to obtain important information about your firm? Do they already know your products or services? A desire to learn and an eagerness to take on new challenges are usually indicative of a motivated future employee.

When possible, an introduction to the team members could help you find out which person would fit in better. Ask your colleagues for feedback to make an informed choice.

Outsourcing the Recruitment Process in Whole or in Part

Télé-Ressources professionals can help you find the ideal person for the position you have to fill. They are able to perform many stages of the recruiting process, so you can dedicate yourself entirely to your day-to-day business.

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Candidate Evaluation and Final Selection

After interviewing applicants, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and consider their importance in relation to the job. Make a list of applicants by order of preference. Do not wait too long before making your choice known; meanwhile the person you have chosen might have accepted another offer.

Finally, welcoming a new recruit should go beyond an introduction to the team members; remember to include them in daily activities and acquaint them with your corporate culture. In this way, your new employee will be able to take part in your company, feel at ease and reach their full potential.