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How to Succeed in an Industrial Job Interview

July 28, 2021 | by Télé-Ressources

Industrial Job InterviewInterviews can feel extremely nerve-racking, especially considering they are your only chance at a first impression to the company representatives. You want to exceed their expectations in every way possible, and that starts with being prepared. While you can never go into an interview knowing exactly what will be asked of you, these tips will help you stand out no matter the questions.

Wear proper interview attire

The very first impression you give the hiring manager will be the moment you walk into the room. Even though you may not be expected to wear business attire while on the job, it is important that you dress for the interview, not for the job. This will demonstrate your respect for the company and the interviewer, and show that you take this interview seriously. As a bonus, if you feel confident in your outfit, it will translate in the way you speak and act during the interview.

Reference past work experiences

When answering questions about your experiences and strengths, reference field work and transferable skills that you’ve acquired on the job. These anecdotes will give hiring managers an idea as to your knowledge in the industry and your ability to handle specific industry-related situations.

Brush up on your manuals

Be ready to answer questions about the machinery and tools that pertain to your field. You will likely be asked about the methods of use, the components of the tools, and safety precautions. A hiring manager needs to know that you are well-versed and can effectively handle all the tools of the workplace without incidents or accidents.