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Pros & Cons of Hybrid Work

January 25, 2023 | by Télé-Ressources

a woman working from homeThe coronavirus pandemic led to many workplace shifts, primarily the hybrid working model of alternating between working at home and working in the office. Below, we’ve outlined some of the pros and cons to this hybrid way of working, and things to consider when navigating your own workplace structure.

Pro: Flexibility

Choosing when you work from home and when you go into the office allows you to be more flexible with your time and your working schedule. You can split your time evenly or prioritize one over the other. If you have parental or family commitments on certain days that require you to be home, you can arrange your work schedule to accommodate this.

Pro: More Free Time

Your work from home days will save you time by skipping the morning and evening commutes. Say bye to morning traffic, and hello to a few extra minutes of sleep! You won’t be dependent on a strict transit schedule to get you to work on time, and after your workday, you can step right into your living space!

Pro: Save on Costs

The hybrid model is an opportunity for you and your employer to save on costs. You’ll save on the transportation costs for the days where you work from home, be it a bus pass or gas. As for your employer, with a smaller occupancy in the office, they will save on utilities and can potentially consider renting a smaller office space.

Con: Missing Out on the Work Atmosphere

When you’re working from home, you end up missing the coffee machine chats, the hallway hellos and the overall office ambiance. For some, these little daily instances are motivational and help you be more productive at work. Without these interactions, you run the risk of being less productive or enthusiastic when working from home. And it’s amazing how many great ideas started as water cooler chats!

Con: Team Spirit is Weaker

The more time you spend away from your colleagues, the harder it is to connect as a team. Teamwork is essential in any company, so it’s important to create opportunities for team building. In a hybrid environment, make sure there are still ways for you and your team to meet regularly in the office, whether it is for work-related meetings or a lunchtime activity.

Con: Difficult to Manage

When everyone chooses their own working schedule, it becomes more difficult to coordinate meetings and work sessions with your colleagues. It’s important that everyone creates a clear schedule of when they will be in the office and when they will be at home, to avoid any confusion or scrambling.