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4 Warehousing Challenges That Affect Your Productivity

July 27, 2022 | by Télé-Ressources

warehouse employees discussing improvementsAn unproductive warehouse is an unsuccessful warehouse. Warehouse operations affect businesses and consumers in almost every industry. Without efficient processes, warehouses risk losing time, money, clients and more.

Here, we discuss four common problems in a warehouse along with some of the best ways to solve them and streamline your warehouse’s success.

Inefficient facility layout

The warehouse layout should be designed to maximize productivity and efficiency. It can be difficult to manage many moving parts, but a good layout will create a seamless flow in the operation of the workplace. There should be a clear picking path to facilitate a successful fulfillment of warehouse orders. There also needs to be an efficient moving and storing system that saves time, reduces traffic in the warehouse and maintains organization.

Inventory management

Being unable to keep track of inventory, lacking inventory or overstocking on inventory can seriously harm your workplace efficiency. An inventory management system should be put in place to ensure that orders can be fulfilled, and shipments can be on time. Employee training should also be conducted to make sure that warehouse staff know the system inside and out.

Bad housekeeping

The warehouse should always be clean and organized. Ensure that employees tidy their spaces at the end of their shifts and maintain proper workplace etiquette. To sustain a well-organized workspace, ensure that organizational tools are available to everyone, and invest in the right equipment, containers, and storage racks.

Lack of safety protocols

With people constantly on the move in a machinery-filled warehouse, safety should always be a top priority. Make sure staff is up to date on all the latest protocols and safety regulations. Ensure that safety documentation is readily available for all employees and encourage and promote safety trainings and check-ins on a regular basis.