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4 Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Your Boss

March 9, 2023 | by Télé-Ressources

A male boss showing something to a female employeeA healthy and respectful relationship with your boss is the best thing you can have at work. Managers play a strong role in your career development. Creating a positive relationship can help boost your morale in the office, increase your productivity and lead to more advancement opportunities in the long run.

Below, we’ve listed a few suggestions for establishing a stronger relationship with your boss, built on trust and good communication.

Maintain Consistent Communication

Take initiative in organizing monthly meetings with your boss, where you can check in and discuss the status of your projects, as well as make sure you are meeting your boss’s expectations and helping to work towards business goals.

In addition to these one-on-ones, ensure that you are present in group meetings, and that you work to create a healthy stream of open communication with your boss. It is important to feel comfortable having discussions with them and to ensure that there can be two-way constructive criticism wherever necessary.

Demonstrate Innovation & Initiative

Show your boss that you are motivated and enthusiastic about your job, your team, and the company you work for. Keep a running list of ideas and share them with your boss and team during work. Alternatively, if your manager proposes a new idea, offer to take initiative on the project or task.

Remember That Your Boss is Human, Just Like You

No, your boss does not live at work, and yes, they exist beyond the 9-5 workday. Ask them about their weekend, as you would with any of your coworkers. They will appreciate being considered as something more than the person who signs your paycheck.

Be Honest & Yourself

Authenticity is highly valued in the workplace. Rather than trying to seem ‘perfect’, be open and honest. If you are dealing with family or health issues, explain your situation and work with your boss to establish a plan to move forward. Your boss will appreciate your honesty and will not be left in the dark.