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How to Stand Out in an Office Meeting

July 19, 2021 | by Télé-Ressources

Office workers in a meetingIt’s all too easy to sit there and say nothing in a meeting. However, that won’t do you any favours. Office meetings are the perfect place to show your colleagues and your higher-ups that you are determined, full of ideas and ready to succeed. Don’t know where to start? Luckily for you, these tips will help you shine amongst your coworkers!

Before the Meeting: Read the Agenda in Advance

If it’s readily available, take advantage of the meeting agenda and review it a couple of times to see which topics will be discussed. If it hasn’t been publicized, ask the meeting organizer if you can have a copy. This way, you can do your research and prepare your ideas before the meeting begins.

During the Meeting: Listen & Take Notes

It can be hard to stay focused if a meeting is long, but avoid letting your mind wander. Listening is the most valuable skill in a meeting because it will allow you to make important and relevant contributions to the discussion at hand. Taking notes by hand not only helps you better retain information, but shows your colleagues that you are actively listening.

Refer to Data and Research

When it comes time for you to speak, use data and facts to make sure your ideas are sound and well supported. Refer back to points your colleagues made during the meeting and add your own ideas. Use research reports and hard data to back your ideas.

After the Meeting: Follow up

Once the meeting is over, send an email to the meeting organizer confirming your follow-up task list along with due dates and any other pertinent information acquired from the meeting. This will help you hold yourself accountable for these assignments all while demonstrating that you are proactive, and you take initiative.