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Maximizing your Productivity at Work

May 13, 2021 | by Télé-Ressources

Maximizing your Productivity at WorkThere’s nothing worse than ending your work day feeling like you didn’t accomplish anything on your task list. That feeling is often the result of poor time management. It takes effort, but there is a remedy! Here are some tricks to boost your productivity at work and improve your time management.

Optimize your task list

A task list is your guide to success. Dividing a long list of tasks, and ordering them by priority, will help make your work feel more manageable. Take a few minutes at the end of each day to update your task list for the next day.

Set personal goals and deadlines

For all your open-ended tasks, impose your own realistic and manageable deadlines. Having a deadline in the back of your mind will help you stay on track and give you an incentive to finish your tasks.

Understand your distractions

What is it that keeps taking your attention away from your tasks? Is it your inbox, social media, or your phone? Once you figure out what it is, take the necessary steps to remove it as a distraction during your work hours. Turn off e-mail notifications, sign out of your social media accounts on your desktop, or keep your phone out of sight.

Work in intervals

Set yourself a work-break interval in order to keep your focus and productivity at a high. Whether that means working in 90-minute sessions, or taking a 5-minute break after every hour of work, find your ideal working schedule and stick to it. Use the breaks in between to recharge and reset.